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A good Easter gift for the kids and it fits with mini Easter eggs. A hole on the topside for dropping in/ taking out eggs.

Can be used as coin money box when Easter is over.
Can be a Tip Box for the shops.
Can be personalised with a name.
Paintable, colouring it for fun with kids! 

6 types are available: Bunny, Egg, Mermaid, Car, Puppy, Train.
Made from mdf and acrylic.

Bunny 17(W) x 16(H)cm
Egg 12(W) x 17(H)cm
Mermaid 16.5(W) x 16(H)cm
Car 21(W) x 11.5(H)cm
Puppy 17.5(W) x 16.5(H)cm
Train 18.5(W) x 15.5(H)cm

Bunny 21(W) x 20(H)cm
Egg 14(W) x 20(H)cm
Mermaid 20.5(W) x 20(H)cm
Car 25(W) x 14(H)cm
Puppy 21.5(W) x 20(H)cm
Train 24(W) x 20(H)cm

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